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Saremꞌs Research Center Mission


 *** Sarem’s mission as a resesrch center is to research on related sciences like reproduction, immunology, stem cells, Genetic, infertility and glands and also knowledge  production.

***Enhance key research themes and creat new research opportunities with high impact on the national and international scene.

*** Carrying out researches by experienced professionals interested in the research on reproduction, stem cells, immunology, stem cells, genetics, endocrinology and infertility and  also Providing an optimal environment for research.

*** Providing advice to the processing of ideas, research, design methodology and applied research by researchers and scholars visiting the areas mentioned.

***  Joint research projects with institutions within and outside the country. performing Providing  research facilities and laboratories for researchers used for research and development.  


*** we directly contributes to the advancement of science and patient care and changes in clinical practice by focusing on clinical research methodology; assisting investigators with research project initiation .


Printing and publishing Sarem’s achievements in Scientific-research papers format in scientific journals entitled " Sarem journal of medicine " and books. Publication  and translation of scientific journals and specialized


Sarem’s Research Center  Equipments and Facilities:


***     Laboratories:


** cell cultures and stem cells Laboratory

** IVF embryology Laboratory

** Molecular genetics laboratory

** General laboratory (Biochemistry, hormone, immunology, serology, microbiology, hematology)













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