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Sarem Women’s Hospital


Sarem  women’s hospital is a private center that  started  its work since 2006, in order to provide advanced medical services especially for women.

The hospital is located  in  Ekbatan Town (Persian: Shahrak e Ekbātān), Tehran. It includes women’s section, delivery rooms, NICU, CCU, ICU, dentistry, various labs and other specialty  and  subspecialty departments.

The phase one of the building consists of 6 floors (ground floor, lobby, 4 floors), in a land area of 16,000 m2.

Physical structure and the building of the hospital is designed to jolly along with positive energy and pleasant environment for all staff to provide better services.

This hospital has received the ISO 9001 management system certificate.

Sarem's service promise is that we seek every opportunity to meet the unique needs of each person we are privileged to serve – every time, every touch.


Sarem Hospitalꞌs vision

Sarem Hospitalꞌs Quality policy

Sarem Hospitalꞌs bill of ethics

Sarem Hospitalꞌs  mission

Physicianꞌs bill of rights

Patientꞌs bill of rights

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