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Saremꞌs Book Publication


Saremꞌs Book Publication legal authority , was obtained from the Ministry of Culture (Cultural Affairs) by 
No. 9975, on 1390/5/27 and 
Dr Abou Taleb Saremi as managing director.


Sarem book publishing activities includes  publishing scientific  research, books, publications and educational  content on  Different areas of specialization, history, ethics and medical education.



Tasks and objectives:


***Compilation of Strategic plans, Identification of educational, medical , research needs.

*** Attracting and encouraging faculty members , researchers and experts.

*** Publishing books which have been written, As a model for hospitals and centers in Sarem publication 

*** collaboration with other  organizations , in order to supply and publishing source books and researches  and  also applied sources required for training, research and treatmetnt.

*** Supporting  researchers to enhance the knowledge of public health.


*** Publishing new achievements and innovations in the field of health   and hygiene ,  translation of foreign books And also Translation  of Scientific works   into Farsi language

      *** From scientific aspect ,we work on publishing books, periodicals.



Saremꞌs book publication



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