A successful rare surgery report ; 65 uterus fibroids in a young patient
سه شنبه 1394/11/27






  On the first days of 2016, an unmarried 23 years old, lady with multiple uterus fibroids was undergoing surgery in Sarem Womenꞌs Hospital, Tehran, Iran. In this operation, 65 fibroids with various sizes removed from her uterus by Dr .A.T Saremi as her surgeon.


   "The uterus needs essential repairment after the fibroms removal, while the fallopian tubes and ovaries remain intact", Dr.Saremi said.


  The uterus preserved in this surgery and patient was discharged in a good condition. It must be note  that, this kind of complicated patients are referred  routinely to the Sarem Womenꞌs Hospital as a private referral center.







Before and After Surgery
Before and After Surgery

before surgery

Before and After Surgery




During surgery









Uterine reconstruction after surgery





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