Risk of emergency cesarean section planned than for babies
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The findings, from a study of 15 pregnant women in Scotland on the results, in the Journal of the Medical Association of America (JAMA) has been released. The women had served full term pregnancy and for the first time brought the baby.


Go black doctor from the University of Adelaide, who led the study, said the baby during vaginal delivery the mother's body is in contact with the bacteria, which may help to increase child safety device.


Babies who are born by Caesarean section planned may not be exposed to bacteria from the mother's body, but babies born by Caesarean section are at least partially exposed to the bacteria are emergency.


The findings are particularly important in this respect that the number of caesarean surgeries in America are increasing, and about one third of babies born by C-section.


Births by cesarean section without a medical reason for women with low-risk pregnancies from 3.3 percent in 1991 to reach 5.5 percent in 2001.


Previous studies have shown that children born by Caesarean section are at increased risk of health problems such as allergies and obesity and Cesarean also increases the risk of diabetes type one has.


The World Health Organization recommends for optimal outcomes for mother and baby Barry recommends that cesarean rates in countries from 10 to 15% (from 10 to 15 births per 100 live births by caesarean section) does not exceed.


A recent study that examined the relationship between cesarean rates and infant and maternal mortality was studied in 194 countries, came to the conclusion that with increasing cesarean section rates of infant and maternal mortality in the country to 19 percent less, but when the increase is over 19%, greater improvement in this respect there.



Reference: New York Times


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